Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Little Behind

TEN days.

It was bound to happen, right?

I'm ten days behind.

The Type A in me (which is a solid 95%) is so ashamed.

I never wanted this daily Bible reading to become another item on my list to check off, but here I am, very much out of sorts because those little "checks" aren't happening.

Guess this is why I should be reading my Bible.

I think I have some good excuses, though.

I homeschool.

My daughter's high school homework load has been astronomical and has kept us both up late on many a night this last month.

It takes a significant amount (but not more than is prescribed, mind you... not even as much as is prescribed - thought you'd want to know that) of pain medication for me to function at a reasonable level these days - and unfortunately, a big side effect of the med is a good deal of brain fogginess.  Hard to concentrate.

I did a little traveling.  :)

Mark and I took a 6 day getaway to New York City last week.

It was glorious.

We have dreamed of and planned for this trip for many, many years.  In fact, the trip was scheduled for the fall of 2008 - when we unexpectedly found we were EXPECTING and so getting through another pregnancy became the focal point of our lives.

So three years later, we finally got to take our trip.

It was everything we hoped and prayed it would be.

The weather was perfect.

The city was fascinating.

The shows were wonderful.

The man I was with is the love of my life.

We had time together like we haven't had in YEARS.

Liberty Island

Top of the Rock

American Museum of National History

Central Park

It was time well spent and I think God was smiling on us.  

So what if I'm a little behind, right?